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Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!

Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!

Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!

Our Story


I was dating my wife Martha. One night she made me something I had never heard of in all of my 40 years enjoying a love for food. Growing up in Iowa in the restaurant family business beginning at 12 years of age, and working in a total of five different restaurants through my undergraduate degree set me off on the love of food and beverage. I have traveled to Japan, Europe and the Mediterranean discovering new and amazing food. I watched countless hours of food programs, etc., and have never heard of this amazing food!

Martha made me Venezuelan Arepas! She even let me learn how to make them that night, which was our entertainment and comedy for the evening as I am very Gringo. We used Harina P. A. N. from the Polar Company. She said there is absolutely no substitute for this amazing cornmeal when making Arepas & Empanadas. She even states that it’s not truly an Arepa if it is not made with Harina P. A. N.

After eating my full of Arepas, I was happy and I felt good. Martha mentioned that Arepas are 100% Gluten Free if you know what is in your ingredients. This was why I felt good as I have Crohn’s Disease and have been suffering since my early 20’s, which is unfortunate as I am a self-proclaimed “foodie” and love to eat. 

When I arrived home, my Internet search for Arepa restaurants began so that I could find out where the nearest options would be should I want more Arepas. To my amazement I discovered zero results on Google in the state of Alabama. In fact I would have to go to Miami if I wanted to even get close to finding authentic Venezuelan Arepas. This was my lightbulb moment.

I thought if I cannot find a place to purchase and enjoy Arepas I will create a place to find Arepas! I started to begin my journey as a small business owner and life as an Entrepreneur in the Food Truck Industry. I chose this mode of operation in hopes to better introduce folks to this amazing food that millions of Latin people are aware of and that most Alabamians, Arizonians and most Americans have yet to discover. 

We began hosting tasting parties for a couple of months with different target groups and anonymous surveys, etc., until we finalized our menu. Surprisingly and delightfully the results were made up of mostly, if not exactly the same favorites as Venezuelan people. Pabellon, Reina Pepiada, Domino, Peluda and La Catira, etc. This was awesome as it proved to us how similar we all are even if we were from different countries.

Martha and I love music and always have music playing while preparing and eating cuisine. We began relating some of our favorite artists and songs to Arepas and all of a sudden Arepa Soundtracks was born. The Pabellon became The King, Reina Pepiada became Queen’s, Peluda is my favorite so of course I named it after The Grateful Dead and so on. Many people understand that food, drink and music all have notes and all are a trifecta that make us happy and this is how Arepa Soundtracks makes sense to us as our business name and brand.

With our food truck we could go where the people are and introduce them to Arepas and Empanadas at breweries, special events, churches as well as many other venues. The response was almost exactly like my reaction; “what the heck are these?” And then love at first bite! This is when my life began to change for the better, I was fulfilled in so many ways. I asked Martha to marry me and make me the happiest man alive and she thank goodness said yes. 

We then began our journey as husband and wife, Iowa boy and Venezuelan girl selling Authentic Venezuelan Arepas in north/central Alabama as Arepa Soundtracks Food Truck. We want to personally thank all of our followers, customers and friends who visited our website today to read our story.


- Cameron Everett, Owner/Operator

   Arepa Soundtracks Venezuelan Cuisine Food Truck

We are Proud Iowa Hawkeye Fans and would just love to say GO HAWKS!!!