Dear customers, the Arepa Sountracks family stands in solidarity with everything that

Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!

Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!

Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!Venezuelan Cuisine Arepas, Empanadas & More!

Frequently Asked Questions


What does "Soundtracks" have to do with food?

We believe that music, food & drink are three blessings that make life happy and fun! Each drink of wine has a note, each bite of food has a note and music of course has notes. Each note combined with infused flavors and sensations are made into a song and an entire record or menu of songs are soundtracks. This is how Arepa Soundtracks became to exist! Not to mention we believe our food Rocks!

What is an Arepa?

An Arepa is a delicious gluten & dairy free white corn cake filled with your favorite ingredients!

Are you 100% Gluten Free?

Absolutely! All of our Arepas & Empanadas are 100% Gluten Free!

Do you Cater and what types do you offer?

Absolutely we Cater and it is one of the busiest parts of our business! We can drop off food to cater a business meeting or office party. We can come with chaffing trays and pans to cater your wedding or birthday as well. Also, we can even bring our food truck right to your driveway and cater your party with our full menu delivered to your party or special event. 

What are your business hours?

We are open every day for catering; however, we are a food truck so we will need notice one day in advance or at least a few hours in advance for catering at the moment until we open our restaurant! It's best to talk with our owners and discuss what catering/delivery options are best for you and he or she will accommodate anything you and your office or friends and family would enjoy!